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Barry Watters

Job Title:

Head of Product

Company Name:


Where are you from?

Drung, Co. Cavan

My journey to working in product is slightly unconventional as my undergraduate degree is a BSc in Sport Science & Health. From there I worked with a company called STATSports for 10.5 years in areas covering Sports Science, Customer Success, Business Development, R&D and Product. I worked as the Head of Product and Sport Science for the last 5-years at STATSports. This involved me leading the product portfolio for STATSports B2B and B2C product offerings within their product suite.  In August 2023, I assumed the position of Head of Product at ClubSpot following several intriguing discussions with John Hyland, the Founder.

ClubSpot, as a company, attracted my interest for several reasons. With over a decade of experience in the sports technology sector, I was keen to remain in this field. The opportunity to contribute to the rapid expansion of a sports tech startup based in Cavan held strong appeal.

ClubSpot is a fast paced, exciting, and agile business, with exceptional product offerings that provide them with unique advantages in the market. This positions them well to fulfil their mission to grow the footprint of grassroots sports in Ireland and around the world. What resonated with me is their commitment to customer success and satisfaction, a pivotal component of their comprehensive service.

The company’s vision is notably ambitious, and it’s a vision I am eager to help deliver alongside the outstanding team here to help make it a reality.

For me the best aspects of my role are working in a dynamic fast paced environment that is agile which allows us to capitalise on market opportunities when they arise.

ClubSpot has a highly motivated and dynamic team to work alongside and I get the opportunity to be involved in all areas of the business further enhancing my own learning.

ClubSpot being based in the Cavan Digital hub is a brilliant perk of the business as we are surrounded by lots of other businesses of a similar scale which allows networking and knowledge exchange. This is complemented by having excellent facilities and infrastructure to work within every day.

Being from Cavan it is brilliant to be back home and see such a thriving tech startup environment facilitated by Cavan Digital Hub.

Unfortunately not sure if I have any interesting pastimes/hobbies. Being heavily involved in sport, my pastimes mainly revolve around GAA and family.

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