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Michael Camacho

Job Title:

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Company Name:


Company Overview:

We are process and Salesforce masters with a real edge in financial integrations, helping companies to simplify and improve how they work. Based in Ireland, we work with companies around the world, partnering with them to understand their needs, their challenges, their way. Giving them the platform they need to supercharge how they work, helping them to streamline and find their groove.


I got into the technology sector after completing my studies as a developer. With a strong interest in computers and the IT industry, I pursued an MCSD course and excelled with 9 distinctions. This success motivated me to dive deeper into the field. I started my career at a software company, where I progressed and led the CRM team and gained expertise in understanding client business requirements. After 15 years, I went from Consultant to Team Lead and Development Manager. I also became a member of the executive board. When I relocated to Ireland, I switched to Salesforce, a superior product. Joining Prodigy as a Salesforce Partner felt like a natural progression, allowing me to apply my skills and contribute to innovative solutions for our clients.

A typical day in my role as CTO at Prodigy is fast-paced and varied. I focus on providing support to my team, handling critical decisions, and ensuring that our projects are on track. I actively search for innovative ideas to streamline our services and improve efficiency. Additionally, I am hands-on in tackling complex requirements and assisting in their development. I also prioritise regular client meetings to provide project updates and find ways to enhance their business efficiencies. At Prodigy, we strive to be more than just a vendor; we aim to be trusted business partners to our clients.

Working in a co-working space offers benefits such as networking opportunities, access to resources, flexibility in workspace arrangements, community engagement, reduced infrastructure costs due to shared facilities, and improved work-life balance. It provides a collaborative environment, shared amenities, and a sense of community, making it an attractive choice for professionals.

I don’t really have a specific role model, but if I were to name one it would be Richard Branson as someone you look up to, it’s evident that his approach to creating a work environment that balances both family time and hard work resonates with me. Richard Branson, as a successful entrepreneur and business magnate, is known for his emphasis on building positive work environments that promote flexibility and employee well-being. His philosophy aligns with the idea that a healthy work environment, where individuals spend a significant amount of their time, should offer flexibility and support for achieving work-life balance. By recognising the importance of creating such environments, Branson has served as an inspiration for many who seek to integrate their personal and professional lives harmoniously.

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