Meet The Member – Gary McEnroe

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Gary McEnroe

Job Title:

Software Engineer

Company Overview:

Trave is an innovative, fast growing technology startup that offers modular, cutting-edge digital solutions to the construction industry, transforming the way small to medium-sized businesses manage their projects.

Gary McEnroe

I love computer games, so I enthusiastically studied Computer Games Development in college.  After college, I pursued a career in web development and software engineering.

At Trave I really get to blend many of the skills I have or have developed from college and work.  We are in an interesting space in digital services for construction meaning I get to use my software, web development and – at times – gaming skills!   Being able to combine my native and learned skills from school, college and previous work experience is so rewarding.

I don’t have a singular role model, but I take inspiration from many people and personalities.   I strongly believe that when we open up, listen to and consider multiple perspectives, we gain a deeper and richer understanding of the world, those around us and the possibilities. 

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