Scaling New Heights: My Journey at Cavan Digital Hub

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Scaling New Heights: My Journey at Cavan Digital Hub

From a Home Office to Dedicated Desk and Now a Thriving Office Space…

Cavan Digital Hub member, James Gleeson, a digital marketing expert, is the Founder at Everblue Digital – a dynamic digital marketing agency specialising in web design, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and brand development for small to medium-sized businesses in Ireland, the UK & the USA. 

His return from the bustling digital world of New York back to Ireland during the Covid-19 pandemic became a turning point for James, as he embraced the opportunity to embark on his new digital venture.  James shares his story and journey with Cavan Digital Hub.


A Dream Becomes Reality

In early 2020, as the pandemic unfolded, I found myself reflecting on the past few years of working in the digital marketing industry, and the growing desire to carve my own path.

Thus, Everblue Digital was born, inspired by the endless blue-ocean potential the online world offers businesses. Combining my passion to help people, with my diverse background in business, accounting, marketing, and experience in various digital projects over the years, I was ready for the challenge.

Seeking the Perfect Workspace

Despite making the most of my makeshift home office, I wanted a more professional space where I could meet clients, network, and focus on running my business without the distractions of working from home.

After some research, I discovered Cavan Digital Hub and knew it was the ideal place for me.

A Dedicated Desk

I joined as a Dedicated Desk Member in June 2022 and my business has since grown and continues to thrive.  Having my own dedicated space among like-minded peers and the inspiring work ethic of fellow entrepreneurs within the Cavan Digital Hub ecosystem has been invaluable. Modern amenities, impressive client meeting areas, and the flexibility to use the space as needed have all contributed to the exponential growth of Everblue Digital.

Expanding Horizons

After 10 months on a Dedicated Desk, my business continued to grow, and with recent additions to the Everblue team, transitioning from a dedicated desk to a private office suite became my next move.

Taking that leap of faith to move to a coworking space was the best decision I ever made. It has been a great launch-pad and continues to be the perfect ecosystem for the continuous growth of my company.

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