Our Rural Future: Minister Humphreys and Minister English launch Ireland’s first ever National Hub Summit

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Minister Humphreys
  • Number of remote working hubs to pass 300 in major new milestone
  • Almost 10,000 users now on Connected Hubs platform
  • Rural Counties given financial firepower to lure workers from the cities
  • Minister announces new national hub strategy and pilot scheme to match employers and employees to hubs across the country
  • New ‘anchor tenants’ initiative and the use of Connected Hubs as ‘second workplaces’ for staff
  • Hubs voucher initiative to run until the end of 2022
  • Legislation giving legal rights to request remote working to be passed by end of year

Read full article here: https://connectedhubs.ie/blog/posts/our-rural-future-minister-humphreys-and-minister-english-launch-irelands-first-ever-national-hub-summit

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